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NBA Bet of the Day | March 11, 2024

Mitch S
Mitch S
In this column, Mitch goes through the BEST BET he's seeing in the NBA today.

In this column, I’ll go through the BEST BET I’m seeing in the league today; this can be in a spread, a moneyline, an Over/Under, or a player prop.

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OVERALL RECORD: 182-121-3, +47.03
RECAP: Our beautiful, beautiful streak comes to an end as the Wizards hold off the Heat in Miami – and I blame the Heat for not scoring more, as they let the Washington Wizards set the pace and the tone of the game, and literally never looked back. We were essentially doomed from the first quarter, and the scoring drought from Miami never took a turn for the better. We made it 8 straight, and now our new streak begins today on a smaller slate. 

March 11th, 2024

I’m just going to give it to you straight: we’re betting on the Detroit Pistons to cover a game in the National Basketball League tonight, a feat in which is not done too often. Tonight, we need them to win by five points in order to secure the victory. 

But to be honest, they’re playing a team that’s literally a shell. The Charlotte Hornets are one of the shallowest teams in the league, and they can’t really piece together any wins – and if Detroit is going to win tonight, like the line movement and money handles say, then we’ve got some bullying that’s going to have to get done. 

On our trusty, handy-dandy Money Handles tool (which is exclusively available through the Sharp App Pro Subscription), we’re seeing significant movement literally all day on this. It began at Detroit -3, and it shot all the way up nearly two points to settle at -4.5. We’re seeing (about an hour before game time) a 35% betting percentage and a crazy 98% money handle – that’s good for an incredible 63% on the money handles difference. And while the Sharp AI doesn’t necessarily support the Pistons by this much, they are still expected to win by at least two points. 

This is the  most baffling fact: is that against the Eastern Conference, the Pistons are kind of a covering juggernaut. They cover in 57% of games this season against teams in the East, and even as the home team, they’re nearly .500 on the season against the spread. The only downfall of these trends lie in their home favorite record – they’ve only covered once in their five games as home favorite this season, losing by an average of eight points. That’s obviously not ideal.

But look at this Detroit team. They’re playing better than they have all season, and Cade Cunningham is literally blossoming into a star before our eyes.

Hammer the Pistons (we don’t get to say that too often, eh?) and let’s take them to win this game by at least five. The spread seems big, and it’s because it is big – and that’s why we’re not falling for the trap. Pistons by five. 

PICK: Detroit Pistons -4.5

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