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Anthony P's WNBA Model September 29, 2023

Anthony P
Anthony P
We will add new sports and models as we build the app and make it more robust. While our developers work on that, we want to give you as much information as possible via content and articles.

This betting model is derived directly from a source that provides me with all the information for the Sharp Report which I trust implicitly. This model serves as a foundation for determining and handling game lines and totals. As with any model, it incorporates a statistical analysis of both teams, including factors such as injuries and home-court advantage. The distinctive advantage of this model is the inclusion of adjustments based on public perception and early market evaluation. However, it's important to note that this model doesn't accommodate last-minute adjustments. Therefore, for the most accurate and up-to-date advice, I encourage you to reach out to me directly on my Discord channel.

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Betting on the WNBA playoffs is always an exciting affair, especially for sports enthusiasts looking to make some dough. But here's the catch: unlike other major sports, the WNBA doesn't attract a ton of action. So what does this mean for those looking to place a wager? Well, it means that at the drop of a hat, or even just a sharp sneeze, the line could move. But before you jump the gun, remember that betting limits for WNBA are notoriously low. So even if the line does shift, it doesn't necessarily indicate a flood of money coming in on one side.

Let’s take a quick journey into the depths of the recent matchups, starting with the Sun and the Liberty.

Connecticut Sun vs New York Liberty

The Mohegan Sun Arena is all set to witness an epic showdown as the New York Liberty and Connecticut Sun face off in Game 3 of the WNBA semifinals. The Liberty, having lost just three games since July 30th, are looking to build on their momentum with back-to-back wins. On the flip side, the Sun, who’ve lost five home games since the same date, managed to pull a win in Game 1 with a convincing 78-63 scoreline. But New York came back swinging in Game 2, securing a 7-point victory and leveling the series.

Now, let's talk numbers. The Liberty, offensively, has been on fire this season, averaging 89 points on 46% shooting. But their defense is where they truly shine, allowing a mere 79 points per game. Sabrina Ionescu, leading the Liberty's charge, averages 18 points, shooting a cool 41.8% from the floor. Connecticut, however, faced some defensive hiccups in Game 2, giving up a whopping 84 points. Their offensive performance wasn't much to write home about either, with less than 40% shot accuracy. Tiffany Hayes, though, emerged as the silver lining, pouring in 30 points.

From a betting standpoint, the Liberty have been favored in this series, and it's no-brainer why. They've got the stats and the form. However, if you're seeking value, the Sun might just be your pick. With their stellar defensive record this year and their solid performance against the Liberty in Game 1, backing the Sun to cover the spread as underdogs seems like a wise move. As for the total, the under is my lean.

Las Vegas Aces vs Dallas Wings

Over at the College Park Center, the Las Vegas Aces, and Dallas Wings are gearing up for their own Game 3 showdown. The Aces, looking to sweep their way into the WNBA finals, have been pretty dominant, losing just five games since July 9th. Dallas, meanwhile, is desperately seeking a win to force a Game 4.

The Aces, with their smoking-hot offense, averaged close to 93 points during the regular season. And even in the playoffs, they're not far off, averaging 90 points. Their defensive game is equally impressive, consistently allowing only 74 points. Majestic A'ja Wilson, leading the Aces, averages a magnificent 23 points and 9.5 rebounds. The Wings, however, seem to be flapping in distress, averaging just 83.5 points in this series and letting in a staggering 94 points in the first two games.

The Wings might be tempting given they're playing at home and their season's survival is at stake. But here's some straight talk: the Aces have been ballin' in this series. They're the superior squad. I thought the Wings offense would have played better and could have matched with the Aces but it's not the case. While the heart might root for the Wings to keep the basketball drama alive, the brain says back the Aces to cover the spread. And for total points? I looking at going over the projected total and for the Wings to give it their best offensive performance of the series.

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