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Anthony P's WNBA Model October 11, 2023

Anthony P
Anthony P
We will add new sports and models as we build the app and make it more robust. While our developers work on that, we want to give you as much information as possible via content and articles.

This betting model is derived directly from a source that provides me with all the information for the Sharp Report which I trust implicitly. This model serves as a foundation for determining and handling game lines and totals. As with any model, it incorporates a statistical analysis of both teams, including factors such as injuries and home-court advantage. The distinctive advantage of this model is the inclusion of adjustments based on public perception and early market evaluation. However, it's important to note that this model doesn't accommodate last-minute adjustments. Therefore, for the most accurate and up-to-date advice, I encourage you to reach out to me directly on my Discord channel.

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Hoops enthusiasts, gather round! The court is set ablaze as the Aces and the Liberty face off in what promises to be another riveting showdown. After a dominant display by the Aces in game one, the stakes have skyrocketed. The Liberty, on the back foot, are desperate to even the score. Yet, the betting world is abuzz with one clear favorite: the Aces.

While game one was a slam dunk for Vegas, it's crucial for bettors to avoid being prisoners of the moment. The Liberty have a history of giving the Aces a run for their money, so it's far from a done deal. However, given the Aces' dominant form, particularly in their fortress at home, it's hard not to lean their way. With a staggering 19-1 record on their home turf, the Aces are clearly in their element in Sin City.

The stats also seem to be playing a sweet tune for the Aces. Historically, the Liberty have struggled against them, especially when on the road. Their 2-10 ATS record in their last 12 visits to Vegas speaks volumes. Moreover, the recent trends are equally illuminating. Liberty's 1-4 ATS in their recent outings and their 3-7 ATS record after a two-day rest underline their inconsistent form. Meanwhile, the Aces, thriving in the limelight, boast a 4-1 ATS in their last five home games.

However, totals are a different ball game. The inclination might be to go for the over, especially considering the Liberty's recent trends. But here's the rub: the Aces have been fortifying their defense, making the under an enticing prospect. Their last five games have seen the under cashing in 3 out of 5 times.

Yet, for all the stats and trends, the pivotal factor remains the sheer dominance of the Aces. Eleven straight matchups have seen them win by more than five points, painting a picture of their sheer dominance. Their stellar playoff run, punctuated by landslide victories, is hard to overlook.

The odds and history favor the Aces, making them a solid bet once again. While the Liberty have been a thorn in the Aces' side, Vegas's consistency, especially on their home turf, is hard to bet against. The small spread is just the cherry on top. So, if you're looking to place your chips, it might be time to double down on the Aces. After all, in the high-stakes world of WNBA betting, you've got to play your cards right!

MODEL Bets: Over 171
Anthony's picks:
Vegas -5

Good luck

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