3/29 Arbitrage Alley - Bet MGM Sportsbook

Rich Masana

Welcome to Arbitrage Alley. The purpose of this article is to help save you time and scour through sportsbooks to find ways to lock in profits, risk-free. As we know, there is no such thing as a "lock" in sports, but if we can exploit promotions and odds differences, we can find ways and develop methods to hedge and guarantee ourselves a positive outcome.

Today's action includes picks from Bet MGM Sportsbook. All listed odds are as of the time of writing/publication.

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Today's guaranteed profit total = $40 in Free Bets from Bet MGM minus $3.50 in rake.

Today's potential risk-free profit total = $40 in Free Bets from Bet MGM minus $3.50 in rake.

The Plays

1. NBA and NHL - Bet MGM - Bet a cumulative $50 on NBA get a $20 Free Bet, Bet $25 on NHL get a $10 Free Bet, Bet $50 Weekly, get a $10 Free Bet Monday.

a. Today is easy money. For the NBA Bet just place bets on both sides of 76ers/Bucks for $25 at -110 apiece. From there you will receive a $20 Free Bet immediately plus a $10 Free Bet next Monday.

b. Similarly place bets on both sides of any NHL Over/Under for $12.50 apiece and you will immadiately receive a $10 Free Bet.

c. Profit - $40 worth of free bets minus $3.50 in rake.

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