Cowboys vs Bucs NFL divisional playoff showdown

Anthony P
Anthony P

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Alright, ill say it off the bat. This might be a pick that I might regret but It needs to be done. Whatever I read, whatever I see on social media, whatever conversations I see in discord, whatever I hear on the radio, it's ALL ABOUT THE BUCS AND BRADY, how much the Coybows and Prescott suck, and how the Bucs are going to win this game.

I am done with it. I will be betting on the Cowboys tonight at -2.5 and fade all the shit I've been hearing for the last week or so. Brady is having one of his worst ATS seasons (4-12 ATS) and the only thing I can think about is the way the Cowboys played in Minnesota after taking that tough loss in Green bay. Dallas falls in a solid system play (provide by statfox) where a team playing in a wild-card game after losing their previous game by 14 pts or over is 14-1 ATS.

The cowboys are sitting at -2.5 -112 at my sharp book after opening at -3. The tickets are pretty much split and the handle is owned by TB at 55%. The underdogs have been barking in the postseason and 4-1 ATS in 2023. In the last 30 wild card games, the underdogs are 20-10 ATS and this counters the Cowboys system play.

The book has a ton of liability on the Bucs +8.5 and +9 in teasers which are pending with the NY Giants and Jags.

The Bottom line: What I have seen all year from the Bucs is similar to bad reruns of the Jerry Springer show. They looked sloppy and disorganized in establishing the run and Brady would show up late in the 4th quarter after gaining zero momentum during the game. Prescott is giving Bucs backers all the reasons in the world to fade the Cowboys and that last game was TERRIBLE. The Cowboys are ranked 7th in my power ratings while the Bucs are 17th and the line is well-priced by the books however I do think the public is undervaluing the Cowboys and I don't want to be part of this Tampa Bay train. I expect Prescott to get his shit together for this game and take advantage of the Bucs secondaries which have been terrible in the second half of the season.

Good luck and enjoy the game!

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