Anthony P's NBA Model November 30, 2022

Anthony P
Anthony P
As we continue to build the app and make it more robust, we will add new sports and models. While our developers work on that, we want to give you as much information as possible via content and articles.

I will post my MLB, NFL, and NHL models as often as possible.
Reading the model is very simple. We are looking for EVs of over 5% on sides and 8 to 10% on totals. Sportsbooks tend to inflate lines on big favorites. I love to take a big underdog in those spots if they have a good pitcher on the mount and if the game is on home turf.

You should all play around with these and track them yourselves. See if you are seeing those with a significant edge losing often.

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My model was right on the Clippers last night. I was wrong.

In the model, I added the AI predictions from the app to compare with my model. You can find the IA prediction at the far right. Please note these projections can change throughout the day therefore if you are a PRO user feel free to jump into my channel and ask me anything you want.

We have a big slate however little value. My model and the IA are aligned with the value on Minnesota and New Orleans but non of them have sharp interest as per the sharp report. Minnesota is currently owning the ticket count and handle while we have yet to get any reporting in the New Orleans game.

I am liking this healthier Raptors team that won't need to face Ingram that will be out with a toe injury. The Pels have been awful against Atlantic division teams and the Raptors have owned the Pels. As for the Minnesota game, my lean would be Memphis if the line drops to -2 or better.

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