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Rangers vs Diamondbacks Betting Trends, Odds, and Insights - November 1st, 2023


In an Interleague matchup scheduled for November 1, 2023, the Arizona Diamondbacks will host the Texas Rangers at Chase Field. The Diamondbacks, the home team, are projected to start right-handed pitcher Zac Gallen, while the Rangers will counter with right-handed pitcher Nathan Eovaldi.

Gallen, ranked as the 27th best starting pitcher in MLB according to our advanced-stat Power Rankings, has had an impressive season. In 34 starts, he has recorded a 17-9 win/loss record with a 3.47 ERA. However, his 4.16 xERA suggests that he may have been lucky this year and could potentially perform worse going forward.

On the other hand, Eovaldi, ranked 86th in the Power Rankings, has started 25 games this year and boasts a 12-5 win/loss record with a 3.63 ERA. Similar to Gallen, his 4.18 SIERA indicates that he may have been fortunate this season and could see a decline in performance.

The Diamondbacks offense ranks 17th in MLB, while the Rangers offense is ranked 3rd. The Rangers have excelled in team batting average and home runs, ranking 2nd and 5th respectively. However, their stolen bases rank 25th, which is a weakness in their offensive game.

In their last game, the Diamondbacks played against an unknown opponent, while the Rangers faced an unidentified team as well. Unfortunately, the specific details of these games are not provided.

Looking at the projections, Gallen is expected to pitch an average of 5.1 innings, allowing 2.3 earned runs and striking out 5.3 batters. However, he is projected to give up 4.9 hits and walks, which is considered below average.

Eovaldi, on the other hand, is projected to pitch 4.9 innings, allowing 2.6 earned runs and striking out 4.4 batters. His hits and walks projections are also high, with 5.2 hits and walks on average.

While the Rangers have a strong offense, Gallen's low-walk pitching style may neutralize their patient approach at the plate. This could give the Diamondbacks an advantage in the matchup.

Overall, this game promises to be an intriguing battle between two competitive teams. The Diamondbacks will look to capitalize on their solid pitching and average-ranked offense, while the Rangers will aim to showcase their powerful lineup. With both teams having strong bullpens, the outcome may come down to which offense can exploit the opposing pitcher's weaknesses.

Rangers Insights

  • Among all the teams in action today, the strongest infield defense is that of the the Texas Rangers.

  • Nathaniel Lowe is an extreme groundball hitter and matches up with the strong infield defense of Arizona (#2-best of all teams on the slate).

  • According to the leading projection system (The Sharp Model), the Texas Rangers' bullpen grades out as the 8th-best among all teams in the majors.

Diamondbacks Insights

  • Zac Gallen has been given more leash than the typical pitcher this year, tallying 6.5 more adjusted pitches-per-outing than the average starter.

  • Evan Longoria is penciled in 8th in the batting order today, which would be a downgrade from his 65% rate of hitting in the top-half of the lineup this season.

  • Tommy Pham hits a high percentage of his flyballs to center field (40.6% — 99th percentile) and will have to hit them out towards the league's 3rd-deepest CF fences in today's matchup.

Betting Trends

  • The Arizona Diamondbacks have hit the Game Total Under in 73 of their last 137 games (+11.80 Units / 8% ROI)

  • The Texas Rangers have hit the 1st Five Innings (F5) Moneyline in 94 of their last 168 games (+26.43 Units / 11% ROI)

  • Ketel Marte has hit the Singles Over in 12 of his last 15 games (+8.85 Units / 52% ROI)


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