Atlanta Braves @ New York Mets Matchup Preview - August 5th, 2022


Ian Anderson (78th ranked SP via THE BAT) is projected to take the mound for Braves as they battle the Mets and Taijuan Walker (107th ranked SP) at Citi Field. The quick scouting report on Anderson: his main fastball is a four-seamer, which he uses 46.9% of the time. His primary out-pitch is a changeup (33.6%). Meanwhile, Walker primarily throws a four-seamer fastball (29.6%) and his most-used secondary offering is his changeup (28.6%). THE BAT X projects Anderson for 2.7 earned runs and 4.3 strikeouts in this matchup. On the other side, Walker is forecasted for 3.0 earned runs and 4.9 strikeouts.

Atlanta Braves Insights

  • William Contreras has been lucky this year, putting up a .367 wOBA despite THE BAT X estimating his true talent level to be .304 — a .063 gap.

  • Projected catcher William Contreras grades out as a weak pitch framer, via THE BAT projection system.

New York Mets Insights

  • Contrary to popular belief, fastballs are generally a pitcher's least effective pitch. Taijuan Walker has relied on his secondary offerings 17.4% more often this year (60.6%) than he did last season (43.2%).

  • Tyler Naquin has primarily hit in the top-half of the lineup this season (58% of the time), but he is penciled in 7th on the lineup card in this matchup.

  • The New York Mets bullpen profiles as the 4th-best in Major League Baseball, via THE BAT.

Betting Trends

  • The New York Mets have hit the Moneyline in 64 of their last 100 games (+16.50 Units / 11% ROI)

  • The Atlanta Braves have hit the 1st Five Innings (F5) Run Line in 52 of their last 79 games (+19.77 Units / 20% ROI)

  • Michael Harris II has hit the Hits Over in 20 of his last 26 away games (+7.75 Units / 16% ROI)