DraftKings Is Giving Out FREE MONEY to New Yorkers

Jason Mezrahi

It is real simple so let's keep this easy. If you live in the great state of New York like I do DraftKings is giving you FREE MONEY to build your bankroll before the NFL playoffs begin. Not only will they give you a deposit bonus up to $1000 but they are also giving you these guaranteed winners. When I mean LOCKS I mean they cant lose. Yes the Knicks or Celtics will score a point. Yes the Jets (maybe not) or the Bills will score a touchdown. So keep it simple. Go sign up for a new account if you live in New York and make these bets. Click on the links below to make it happen!

Saturday, January 8 – New York Knicks vs Boston Celtics

Sunday, January 9 – New York Jets vs Buffalo Bills

More Offers for New York Sports Bettors

In addition to the above offers, we also have several more offers going live in New York that are already live. These include the following: