4/27 Arbitrage Alley - Bet MGM Sportsbook

Welcome to Arbitrage Alley. The purpose of this article is to help save you time and scour through sportsbooks to find ways to lock in profits, risk-free. As we know, there is no such thing as a "lock" in sports, but if we can exploit promotions and odds differences, we can find ways and develop methods to hedge and guarantee ourselves a positive outcome.

Today's action includes picks from Bet MGM Sportsbook. All listed odds are as of the time of writing/publication.

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Today's guaranteed profit total = Two $10 Free Bets and a $20 Free Bet from Bet MGM minus $3.41 in rake.

Today's potential risk-free profit total = Two $10 Free Bets and a $20 Free Bet from Bet MGM minus $2.27 in rake.

The Plays

1. NBA/NHL - Bet MGM - Bet $50 Weekly, get a $10 Free Bet Monday, Bet $50 Cumulative on the NBA Playoffs get a $20 Free Bet, Bet $25 on NHL, get a $10 Free Bet.

a. Let's start with NHL. Since both sides of 6 total in the Seattle/Los Angeles Game are -110 apiece, put $12.50 on the over and under, returning $23.86 and a $10 Free Bet. There is also the possibility of a push and thus no rake given the even number total.

b. On Bet MGM, bet $25 on each side of Bucks/Bulls spread "Currently -12.5/+12.5" or any near even money -110 money lines spread or total, returning $47.73 and a $20 Free Bet.

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