Top Props - Identify Winning Player Props

A prop bet in sports betting is short for proposition bet. It is a wager not directly tied to the final score or outcome of a game or match. Almost anything but the point spread, total, and moneyline can be considered a prop bet. Props are a great way to add additional action to a game and are often easier to beat than the more liquid markets like point spreads. Use our props tool to compare prop prices from different books to find where the best prices are.

It isn't easy to look through the props offered by each book on a given day. Our prop tool shows you the props we feel have the highest edge based on our projections. This decreases the time you need to spend on handicapping the props. Our pro, @Statsational has used the Top Props he likes best in accordance with his model with great success.

The edge is the percentage difference between the probability we feel a prop has of winning and what the market thinks that probability is. The higher the edge, the better the bet.

The stars work similarly to the edge. They range from a half star to five stars depending on how much of an edge we see on that prop. The more stars you see, the greater the advantage.