Caesars Sportsbook Review

As betting continues to become legal in more and more states with each passing day, it's important to know which sportsbook is available in your state. Additionally, understanding the features that are unique to each one and how good the interface is can help you generate the best return in investment over the long term. Today, we'll be discussing the Caesars Sportsbook and Sharp has a promo code for new users when you sign up!

What States Is Caesars Legalized 

As the largest retail sportsbook in America, Caesars Sportsbook is officially live with mobile betting in - Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Michigan, New Jersey, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia. 

Sports Available to Bet on Caesars

The usual suspects like NFL, MLB, NBA, and the NHL are on there with a multitude of aspects for betting. Those include game totals, spreads, player props, and team props. However, Caesars has a plethora of other sports as well like UFC, NASCAR, golf, college football, college basketball, boxing, tennis, and soccer. In some states, college player props are available as well. The only exception is in New Jersey if you want to bet on New Jersey teams and college events held in the state. 

Promo Code 

Caesars is currently offering a “Caesars will match your 1st bet up to $1001 win or lose” promotion. So essentially, a user will deposit then place a bet, whatever they place the bet for, they will then receive a free bet for that amount automatically. It doesn’t matter if their first bet is a winner or a loser. It's an incredible deal to take advantage of with the Sharp link in AZ, CO, IA, IN, LA, and NJ.

What Makes Caesars Different

One aspect that stands out for Caesars is their live betting. Not only do they offer a robust market once the game starts, but they also offer live-streaming when available so you can watch your money in action. As someone who enjoys watching games that I bet on, this is a very cool feature that separates Caesars in a significant fashion. 

Another facet that Caesars has going for it is its Rewards Program. Depending on how much you bet, Caesars has a tiered reward system that can offer some major perks. Of course, it is tied to how much you're betting but anything that helps build a bankroll and customer happiness is well worth it. 

Lastly, many users find the customer service to be above average at Caesars and that is a major advantage. Not all sportsbooks offer live chats (better used on the web version than the app), nor do they respond in a timely fashion. At Caesars, those are not concerns and any issue is handled quickly and professionally. 

Mobile App and Website 

Both the website and app platforms are easy to navigate and user-friendly, regardless of experience level. They make it easy to find which sport you're looking for right at the top of the screen - 

From there, it's very easy to click on whichever game you prefer and Caesers also has a rolling banner at the top with a variety of odds boosts for the action in that sport. They offer futures, same game parlays, and everything in between to keep the bettor engaged and coming back. 

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